Nothing can bring more joy to kids of any age than an adorable, loving puppy. Puppies, however, are like any baby - thay require attention, love, proper care and lots of time. These are a few of the many care tips that we feel are very important for you and your puppy.

1. Get your puppy comfortable in your house
- If your breeder does not supply you with a blanket or puppy bed bring one to the breeder’s home a few days prior to bringing your puppy home so that he/she will get accustomed to the bed and it acquires the scent of the puppy’s litter mates. This will make the transtion easier on both the puppy and the new owner.
- Play with your puppy prior to bed, this will help your new puppy to expend some of its built up energy and help he/she to be able to sleep better through the night.
2. Provide the puppy with their own food and water bowls and dry, comfortable bedding.
The best place to place your pet’s bed is in the kitchen or the bathroom because the floors are washable and these rooms tend to be warm.
3. Provide a safe area for your puppy to play.
A securely-fenced yard is ideal for most dog breeds, but some smaller breeds will be able to thrive with a play area indoors. Be sure to give your puppy some chew toys, and experiment a little to find which toys he or she likes best.
4. Pet your puppy often.
It's important to stroke your pet's body, legs, and head several times daily to make it feel loved, to bond with it, and to give your pup an overall reassurance so they continue to grow and do not become timid.
5. Make sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise.
This is very important to development and also helps to keep your puppy from being destructive, Make sure that not only you take your puppy on walks but that you also buy many chew toys so that they can busy themselves when inside.
6. Make sure your puppy has all its recommended vaccinations and remains flea and worm free.
7. Socialize your puppy. Once all vacainations are given, introducing your puppy to other puppies, adult dogs and other animals, as well as people will help with the puppies development.
8. Prevent sickness - Keep your puppy's environment clean.
9. Keep your puppy's teeth and gums healthy. Chew toys help a puppy keep its teeth healthy.
10. Protect your puppy. Puppies are naturally curious, and even with the most attentive care they sometimes get out of the yard and get lost. Make sure your puppy wears a comfortable collar--fitted at about 5 weeks and loosened gradually to accommodate the puppy's growth--with a tag listing its name and your address and / or phone number.


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