Below are a few pictures and updates from the families who have chosen to add one of our little bundles of love to their family. Thank you to each of these families for their continued devotion to their little four legged family members.

Hi Teri -

Gidget is great! She has become such a big part of our family. Our yellow lab Crown and her are best friends. She just hates when Crown can't sleep in the house, because she likes to sleep with him. They play really well too.
She weighs a little over 7 pounds and has been very healthy. I haven't gotten her spade yet, because I haven't decided yet if I want to breed her.
I just got her haircut last week.....she has had 3 haircuts since I got her. We laugh because I drop her off a Schnoodle and pick her up a Poodle. She turns into a totally different dog when she gets her haircut. We prefer her hair a little longer, but it gets pretty madded when it gets to long. She doesn't mind her baths or being brushed. I started doing both right away when we got her so she has gotten use to looking "pretty". We really love her.
Sheri F. & Family

Hi Teri!
She is fabulous! We just love her! Here are a couple of recent pix. She is a bit spoiled! We would not trade her for the world. She is about 7 ½ pounds and has such a great personality. She loves to play with anything bigger than she is! At the dog park, she gravitates toward the HUGE dogs and then lays down and yips to them to play. At home, she loves big toys and bones meant for large dogs – my brother’s dog is 140 lbs and she loves his stuff.
If she ever is in need of anything, she just hits your arm or leg
(or whatever is closest to her) with her nose of all things. Then she waits for you to look at her and will lead you to what she wants or give you the toy she wants to play with. It is adorable.

Brenda H. & Family

Hi Teri,
I have attached two pictures of Tootsie, who is now 10lbs. She is  energetic, playful and very adorable.
Alyssa P. & Family

Hi Teri -

Just a quick note, Harlow is doing fabulous she is a little diva.
We adore her, she is still shy, but very loving.

Evelin C. & Family

Marley has lived with us just over a year, and at 9 pounds, she has become a pampered member of our family.  Marley is very smart. She seems to understand much of what we say. Her many tricks include giving a high five, playing dead, dancing on her hind legs, sitting, staying and waiting for permission to eat a treat even though it is lying on the floor right in front of her. Marley loves attention from all the teenagers that stop by our house. She only barks when the doorbell rings, or feels threatened by something outside or by a strange noise. Marley loves to go for car rides. She has a collar with a tag that says "Diva" and she really is!

The Phipps Family

Hi Teri,
I just wanted to tell you that WE LOVE Oliver.  He is the greatest pup ever.  He is a ball of energy and loves to play.  He also loves to cuddle and relax when we are sitting on the couch together.  He gets along so well with all of our other animals.  He was the perfect addition to this family.  Thanks so much for letting us give him a good home.  We think he is as happy with us as we are with him.
Jodi, Greg and Family

Bogie is the PERFECT puppy. He has a voracious appetite...not just for food, but for people and other dogs.  He has no idea how little he is, and approaches big dogs with great curiosity and vigor! He is unbelievably smart!  He sits, lays down, comes (sometimes, if he isn't too busy), fetches, gives his paw and "makes nice" (pats my face with his paw).  He's a little kiss dispenser literally bathing me and some of his favorite aunts in kisses-lips, chin, neck, in the nose, in the ear (I can't remember when I had my last "wet willie").  This always brings peals of laughter from the recipient.

Bogie had his first day of school.  He skipped a grade!  We missed the first 2 weeks of class because he didn't have permission from the vet to mingle freely with other dogs.  The trainer said we should come as soon as we could, and she would give Bogie a private lesson to help him catch up (for $80 extra).  After his class, she said that though she could use the $80, Bogie didn't really need a private lesson as he caught on to everything so fast.  Most of the other dogs in the class are 1 year and older.  Trainer told me to just start the next class.  So, Bogie skipped pre-school and went directly into kindergarten.      WHAT AN AWESOME PUPPY! 

Believe me, it isn't easy being so's a full time job.  We went to the art festival in Highland Park.  He was walking on his leash beside me, minding his own business...we would be stopped constantly by people inquiring into his breed,  age, gender, name.  I considered making an FAQ sign:  This is Bogie, he's a male Schnoodle, 14 weeks old.  Yes, we already know how adorable he is...the're going to steal him and take him home??? (Why would you tell me if this was really your plan?)  Bogie likes nothing less than FALSE adoration. Bogie is an AWESOME PUPPY! I am so glad I have him and I just adore all the time I spend with him!

Terri W. & Bogie

Teri, I speak for both of us when I say we would love to have you include us in your new website.  And she continues to be the light of my life....and the bane of my parrot's existence. 

She is unfailingly cheerful and smart!  Our favorite times are the beginning and ending of the day, when we wrestle in bed.  She is a formidable competitor!   She has learned to "pull her punches" when I say "No Bites" so I don't get bite marks any more. She doesn't mind having me clip and file her nails, trim her hair, apply ointment to decrease the staining around her eyes and mouth, or putting oral gel on her teeth every third or fourth night.

The one thing I hadn't expected and am absolutely thrilled by is the bonding between the two of us.  I have always had two dogs, and while there were certainly bonds between us, their primary friend was the other dog.  Now that I am semi-retired I thought it wouldn't be such a burden to be an Only Dog.  What a difference.  What joy.  She is so precious. 

I think back to your husband's comment that he wanted to be sure that I would take her, if you were going to transport her down here to the Cities when you came.  I chuckle to myself, because now, I can't imagine life without her.

Marilou, Samantha & Lola the Parrot

Hello Teri! Sorry it has taken me so long to update you on the newest member of our little family :)
It took us a few days to find a name for the little guy and we finally decided on Mic!
Mic and Boomer are getting along so well. They spend their days playing with each other non-stop, snuggeling in Boomer's bed at night, playing ball and tug-a-war, and enjoy walks together! He's the perfect little dog! Still loves to sit in your lap and give you kisses. His favorites are playing fetch and getting his belly rubbed :)
He's doing great with potty training and he even discovered snow for the first time! He seemed to really love it.
Everyone just adores him! I just want to thank you again for everything :)
Megan, Tony, Boomer, & Mic

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